I'm Dan.

I am a Loving father, firefighter and photojournalist whose picture making borders on an obsession. I have shared a great deal of time with people in the worst moments of their lives and this has made incredibly humble and grateful for the beauty and comfort I am sometimes lucky enough to experience in my own life. To be able to bring this empathy and love for humanity into the most joyous of occasions (a wedding!) is truly a blessing. Being a photojournalist means I am most comfortable when watching the world play out around me, representing itself honestly for me to capture. There is a great beauty in the quiet and often unseen moments which happen around us. It is my belief that these moments are perhaps the most revealing about the wonderful ways we all relate to each other. 

Probably the most significant thing you need to know is that I work entirely with 35mm film. As such, what you won’t receive are thousands of images to choose from. You will, however, receive a meticulously curated and finished (digital) photo story of your special day. I am a professional documentary photographer and hiring me to photograph your wedding requires a level of trust and predetermined expectation on both our parts. I make my best work when I am free from constraint, immersed in the moment and capturing not how it looks but how it feels to be at your wedding. I can’t promise that I will get all the shots you have in your own mind but I can promise I will deliver a one of a kind, timeless and moving body of work; a testament to how you felt on the day you shared your love for each other with the people you care about most. If you can trust and allow me to do what I do best then you won’t be disappointed. My work speaks for itself so if you like it then we’re already on the right track.

In return, all I need from you is to simply do me the honour of being yourselves. Nothing more, nothing less…